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Is Your Business Making the Most of Enterprise Mobile Technology?

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Going mobile isn't optional anymore.

A few years ago, mobile applications and web access were secondary business channels. Not anymore. People use mobile devices for everything from shopping, news and entertainment to banking, email and custom business applications. Mobile phones aren't just devices – they're an extension of each user's personal identity. So, if you aren't available via a robust, mobile platform, you aren't really available.

Whether you run a startup with a small team of employees or you manage IT for a large corporation, mobile solutions have the potential to help you improve customer engagement and experience, collect data and analyze consumer behavior, and make better-informed decisions faster.

Openmind Technologies is a leading technology firm specializing in mobile strategy and development solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


How We Can Help

Mobile Strategy
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Openmind Technologies Solutions for Mobile

Three key success factors enable us to help businesses and other organizations better succeed with mobile solutions:

1. We know mobile technology

  • Deep expertise across multiple mobile devices, programming standards, platforms, languages, back-end systems, interfaces, protocols, and code bases for the cleanest possible native user experience
  • Extensive experience developing mobile strategies, including mobile application and mobile web development

2. We think creatively and fearlessly

Making an existing web application or manual process “the same thing, only mobile” is shortsighted and limited. Our “mobile-first” approach is designed from the start to deliver the benefits of mobile while seamlessly working throughout your business and infrastructure, enabling:

  • Broader reach to a larger market
  • Access to people wherever they are
  • Instant/immediate communication opportunities
  • A deeper connection to what's most important to your customers

3. We make mobile work harder for you

Our mobile solutions work because they're driven by proven mobile strategies designed to:

  • Personalize user experiences and content to match users' preferences
  • Integrate your brand into users' day-to-day lives
  • Deliver deeper, actionable insights into your business

Mobile Solutions: Part of a Larger Enterprise Technology Plan

Mobile strategies, websites, portals, and apps are only one aspect of the guidance we're able to provide to our clients. We partner with clients at both the executive and technical level to develop an achievable plan for implementation, adoption and ongoing mobile development. And because we view mobile solutions as part of a larger business strategy that includes data analytics, cloud applications, CRM platforms, and the Internet of Things (IoT), your solutions connect to the larger world of decision support, data connectivity, customer relationship management and dynamic sensor-based systems.

Mobile strategy and solutions for your business are essential because mobile devices are the way people connect, shop, access content, manage information and become more productive. Let's talk about the best way to make mobile work for you.