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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest tech trends that has invaded the mobile space in the recent years. With the advances in technology, we have started trusting computers to do most of the work which previously required human intervention. We at Openmind believe in delivering the best in class performance to our clients by developing applications which specifically cater to their requirements and maximize our clients’ return on investments by automating most tasks thus increasing their efficiency.

At Openmind, we design and build portable applications which run on several platforms to offer our services to clients from all domains

Customer Support

Interactive Bots – Catering To Multiple Customers At The Same Time

Human customer care executives only cater to one customer at a time thus bringing down the efficiency of the organization. Moreover, the organization spends a lot of resources on these executives. We can use AI systems programmed according to our needs to deal with multiple requests parallelly. This would increase the overall efficiency of the customer care department and would result in the tasks and the queries being resolved quickly. Implementing AI systems would also be cost-effective considering the ROI in the long run.

Digital marketing

Efficient context aware advertising

We can design and develop intelligent systems to show relevant and necessary advertisements to the users after thoroughly studying the user’s approach and tracking the previously items bought through the website.

Constant social media monitoring

AI will make it easier to monitor the users across various social media platforms and find out the latest trends and enable our clients to plan their marketing strategy accordingly to target the widest audience possible.


Predictive analysis of financial markets

Instead of spending countless man-hours on studying the market and see which business would profit the most, we can design AI systems to analyze the financial market and predict certain changes in it by feeding large amounts of market data to the system.

Portfolio Management

Building intelligent systems to assist investors in planning their investments and helping investors make wise decisions regarding the stock selection and optimization of the asset allocation process.

Fraud detection

Traditional techniques have long been in use for fraud detection purposes, which require time consuming and complex investigations across various domains of knowledge. To solve the problem of fraud, we can design AI systems and assist in the machine learning by entering large sets of correct and incorrect data so that it becomes easy for the machine to identify the fraudulent records. Neural networks can help identify any suspicious patterns from the data received.

Algorithmic trading

AI systems can be programmed using algorithms which work at superhuman speeds to identify small windows of trading opportunity to gain profits and ultimately assist in trading. Such systems can learn and adapt at an extremely rapid pace, setting them apart from humans and helping us maximize our ROI through the profits earned.


Computer aided analysis of reports

We program AI systems to assist doctors in the interpretation of medical images and reports to provide the diagnosis – which needs to be provided by the doctor after thorough examination of the reports – in an extremely short period of time.Quick drug creation

Quick drug creation

The minutest details of0020the effect of drugs on cells can be studied easily and alterations can be made in real time to minimize the time taken for the creation of effective medicines. Intelligent systems can successfully bridge the gap between research, testing and the delivery of finished drugs to the market.

Human shortcomings while performing Surgeries

Robots can be programmed to assist, or even take charge of a surgery which needs to be performed on a patient. The robots will not tire and will always be available at the hospital unlike their human counterparts.

Real time patient monitoring

It is now possible to design a system which provides performance metrics of all the patients in a hospital on all aspects in real time for quick administration of drugs and the effective overall management of the hospital.


Smart cars

Computer systems can be integrated with automobiles to make ‘Smart Cars’, which can be programmed to function without a driver and to obey all the traffic rules. These cars will make use of cutting edge technologies to navigate through the city and park on their own, with minimum human intervention and offering the highest possible levels of security.

Traffic management

We can successfully create intelligent traffic management systems for cities to manage the traffic in the best possible manner by collecting and processing data in real time from different sources such as sensors, satellite imaging etc. and providing the best possible solutions to make commute easy for the customers.

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