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About Us - A Profle

OpenMind Technologies is a globalized software solutions and product company. OpenMind and its partners have established a strong track record in implementing enterprise and e-business solutions for banks, financial institutions, logistics companies, and various other industries.

OpenMind offers its clients the most cost effective and technologically robust solutions by using its off-shore development center in India . OpenMind and its partner employ some of the most highly skilled software engineers, technical architects, project managers, network administrators, and innovative graphics designers to offers clients choice regarding their development needs at almost 50% cost savings.

Benefits of partnering with OpenMind don’t stop there. OpenMind prides itself in being able to offer the cost savings while maintaining some of the highest quality standards. OpenMind provides delivery support services that will enhance value and convenience by managing your outsourced initiatives.


  • Domain expertise
  • Trans-national experience across cultures
  • Controlled, predictive delivery


Domain expertise:
Our services are driven by our business domain expertise in various industries. Key managers at OpenMind have played diverse roles across operations, systems, quality assurance, risk assessment, business development and product management. In their careers, they have successfully led and managed outsourcing initiatives.

Trans-national experience across cultures
Consultants and managers at OpenMind have worked in trans-national business operations, from the Americas to Asia . We understand diverse business cultures, and have practical experience in managing operations and business relationships across national and cultural boundaries. We have the experience and expertise to help you develop and nurture outsourcing relationships where expectations and deliverables match.

Controlled, predictive delivery
The care and time invested in the definition of requirements and development of prototypes allow OpenMind to quote a fixed price for your work. So you are clear at the outset about what OpenMind will deliver and what it will cost. OpenMind uses component-based framework for development and very cost effective future upgrades. Entrenched project management and a focus on early defect detection ensure a transparent and controlled delivery process. Progress of work is open and communicated to all.

Our partnership approach with our clients enables us to provide:-

  • Substantial cost savings of using offshore development center in India while outsourcing to a local firm in the U.S. with dedicated custom relationship manager
  • Need based outsourcing can be a project, product migration to new technology, new product / module development, technical consultancy, testing, maintenance and customization
  • Business people owning the project delivery
  • Established project management and delivery
  • Resource neutral solutions - any technology or platform

OpenMind can work with you at any stage of your outsourcing plan, and offer you the advantage of local alternative with India advantage. We have dedicated delivery facilities to suit your unique requirements. Whatever be your objectives and plans for outsourcing, we can give your organization a foot up in the effort.

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