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Product Development Practice

Globally, software vendors are facing multiple challenges like decreasing profitability, an increasing pressure to constantly upgrade and widen their product offering despite limited resources, a need to address a wider market through internationalization and multiple-platform support, fill specific technology and skill gaps and provide high-quality 24x7 support to demanding customers across the globe.

As you try to balance the need to focus on new product development with the equally crucial need to keep up the pace of enhancements to the core products and maintenance of legacy products, we can support you through a host of outsourcing services. We provide software product development services spanning the complete product development lifecycle from concept to product implementation.

Product lifecycle management services:

  • Product Architecting
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Product maintenance & support
  • Product re-engineering/re-architecting
  • Product porting

OpenMind Product development value add

Better Value for money :- Open Mind ’s competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT budgeting. Clients can select specific skill sets they require for their offshore software development project.

Total value – Product development services that complement your business strategies, practices, structures and vision.

Quality Process : - Open Mind ’s offshore product development services ensure that clients get the best, with high quality standards that the company follows. The process are designed to optimize utilize time and resources.

Infrastructure : - OpenMind possess the latest infrastructure that will support distance communication focus on performance and security.

Skill Sets :- OpenMind has a diversified pool of skilled professionals with expertise in the latest programming languages and technologies. OpenMind ensures that its developers are kept updated through intensive training sessions and an environment that fosters individual achievement and learning. Clients can select specific skill sets they require for their offshore product development projects.

Strong Project Management Techniques :- OpenMind’ project managers are an experienced group of professionals, possessing excellent communication skills and proficiency in Project Management tools.

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