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Industry Verticals

OpenMind solutions are used by professional companies in number of industries, most likely also your industry. With our vertical solutions and our industry specific know-how, we make sure that our IT solutions address your business issues. OpenMind has extensive experience in providing customized solutions tailored to support specific business requirements of industry verticals. It has provided several innovative and practical solutions that address many varied and diverse industry verticals, which includes telecommunications, manufacturing, Financial and Banking Sectors, etc., within each of these industries, OpenMind understands the unique IT/Business challenges they face. OpenMind industry-specific solutions let you focus on your business, not on the technology. The goal is to help our customers to manage their businesses more effectively by reducing the disruption that often accompanies growth and to gain the insight to succeed, and we have therefore developed vertical solutions running on our high-quality platforms. What's important is driving your business, not adapting it to fit your software.

Banking Industry

In today's competitive global marketplace, enterprises around the world have been subject to rapid changes in their business environments. The Financial & Banking services sector today is characterized by globalization, consolidation, convergence, acquisitions, heightened competition, dynamic technology changes, and rising customer expectations, which in turn has direct impact on their operational activities. In addition, regulatory compliances have made it mandatory for financial organizations to modernize their systems, conform to the prescribed standards, and follow ethical business practices while governing their businesses. It is essential that Financial & Banking institutions continue to differentiate themselves and deliver high customer value through expanded product portfolios, geographic reach and superior client service. Improving the productivity, knowledge and skills of the people within these organizations and across the extended enterprise is essential. In this scenario, technology is a major driving force for achieving competitive advantage. Technology is creating more efficient enterprises, enabling new ways of reaching customers through new delivery channels and smoothly links once-disparate business practices.


Manufacturers are faced with increased global competition, more informed customers, increasingly complex supply chains and the pressure of being first-to-market with the most innovative products. To maintain a globally competitive posture, Manufacturers should quicken their pace with technology, innovation systems and supply chain management. More than ever, manufacturers must respond to consumer preferences, current and future regulations, and global competition. Customers' expectations have escalated. Globalization is on the rise. And there is mounting pressure to improve productivity, while at the same time reduce costs. Manufacturing industry is being held to new standards, standards which necessitate instant access to real-time information. Disparate geographical locations are no longer barriers to order fulfillment due to the stateless nature of the Internet and 24/7 capabilities. Manufacturers need to be sure that the relationship between suppliers, partners and distributors is unimpeded by traditional stumbling blocks of time and location.

Leadership today is achieved through business innovation and flexibility. To achieve this flexibility and to remain competitive, many manufacturing organizations are turning to robust technology to unlock the data and business processes based in their legacy applications. With real-time capabilities, manufacturing organizations can expand their visibility across the enterprise, make more informed business decisions, Gain Financial Confidence, Improve Inventory to Reduce Working Capital, Deliver on Customer Commitments, Manufacture to Customer Demand, respond to business environment changes more quickly & better address customers' needs.


The Telecommunications industry is undergoing an unprecedented confluence of forces and rate of change that are dramatically altering the competitive landscape and basis for strategic advantage. The telecom industry is challenged by volatility and change, and companies around the globe are racing to keep up. The prevailing forces that have hit the telecommunications industry includes Complex technologies, overwhelming choices, vendor support problems, overbuilt networks, Mergers, acquisitions, Globalization, lack of resources and tools all compounds the situation. Pressures are mounting from all sides for today’s Telco’s.

From continuous and increasingly complex technological evolution to quantum leaps in customer demands and highly aggressive price wars due to the rapid pace of development, the industry is undergoing fierce competition for consumer and business customer and erosion of profits for many providers. The communications industry moves fast, so organizations can’t be held back by enterprise applications that have limited integration capabilities and cumbersome interfaces.

In this marketplace, telecommunications companies remain competitive by moving with efficiency and speed. Manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers of telecommunications equipment and infrastructure need an information system technology that enables a telecommunications business to increase profitability and simultaneously streamline business processes and truly enhance customer service. These challenges all call for having consistent, reliable data in the right place, at the right time.


Technology is increasingly being leveraged to make public services immediate, accessible, relevant and efficient. Automating existing functions may offer limited efficiency improvements, but the real challenge for Governments is to use information technology to implement change across the state enterprise based on a thorough examination of business cases and desired outcomes.

In-depth knowledge of government environments, policies, operations, processes, requirements, and restrictions makes OpenMind the ideal IT solutions provider for the government and public sector. OpenMind's dedicated team has helped federal, state and local governments of different countries connect with citizens and business, while applying commercial best practices to drive productivity enhancements, improve service delivery, strengthen IT infrastructure, improve quality and reduce costs.

The team focuses on areas of e-governance, outsourcing, information security, ERP/CRM and IT workforce shortage. Multi-disciplinary capabilities allow OpenMind to conceive, develop and deliver e-government applications and integrated systems in a comprehensive and reliable manner, enabling convenient, efficient, transparent and inexpensive interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B), and inter-agency relationships (G2G).


OpenMind has an established retail practice, having empowered large retailers and distribution companies to drive revenue upwards, reduce costs, improve margins, and maximize capital efficiency, throughout the world. The company provides a range of innovative business and technology consulting services to strategize, define, and deliver solutions to meet specific business challenges. These include best of breed IT services and business transformation solutions that leverage OpenMind’s business knowledge in the retail domain, current and emerging technologies, global delivery model and the quality practices.

Addressing the retailer's challenges - increased customer expectations, competitive marketplace, supply chain complexities, globalization and the evolving technology landscape - OpenMind offers solutions in:

  • Global data synchronization
  • Supply chain management
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing and customer support
  • Inventory management
  • Enterprise management

Health Care

When it comes to applications for enterprises in the healthcare vertical, OpenMind delivers a key advantage. OpenMind deliverables for the healthcare vertical are aimed at enhancing competitiveness through improved patient care and customer service, cost reduction and government policy compliance. The company provides a range of services including HIPAA compliance, clinic automation, interfacing with medical devices & equipment and outsourcing services. The repertoire also includes healthcare technology consulting, custom software development as well as maintenance and support services for physicians, hospitals, and managed care organizations.

OpenMind presents extensive product support and implementation for many proven packages in arenas like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce, content and document management etc. By outsourcing with OpenMind, the healthcare solution provider is empowered to address the entire gamut of industry requirements, with solutions structured on appropriate technical and functional architecture that support and adapt to continual change.

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