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Case Study: Real-Time Sales Order Integration

Our Client is the leading independent provider of infrastructure software creating event-enabled enterprises to use on-premise or as part of a cloud.

Business Challenges:

  • Book orders into Order Management (Oracle) as soon as deals is closed in Salesforce.
  • Our client is a major Hi Tech industry leader who was looking for solutions that provide flexibility, operational visibility and return on technological investments. As cloud technology offers these benefits, their Sales Team wanted to leverage Salesforce to enable customers and partners to Book Orders in their Oracle Order Management system on the sales closure.

Technical Situation:

  • Client wanted us to totally revamp Order data which was manually keyed in home grown applications once orders were finalized
  • Their existing manual process was highly prone to errors as the data had to be reentered manually multiple times in different forms.
  • It was a very tedious time-consuming process, especially for large enterprise sales accounts.

Openmind Solution

  • Employing Salesforce application deployment best practices, we delivered a fully integrated and tested custom solution with minimal downtime
  • Openmind designed a real time Integration from Salesforce to Oracle once the opportunity was marked closed won in Salesforce.
  • Drawing on our Salesforce custom development and integration experience, the client was able to automate several business processes and maximize their Salesforce functionality.
  • We provided a real-time integration of their existing homegrown application as well as the Oracle System with Salesforce.


  • Salesforce
  • Apttus Quoting
  • Apex code acting as client layer
  • TIBCO middleware used as integration
  • TIBCO Salesforce Connector
  • OracleIntegration

Business Requirements:

  • Revamp of existing systems for better usability and management
  • Migrate existing data from Homegrown systems to Salesforce
  • Migration and integration of existing data from Oracle to Salesforce
  • Redundancy of Forms

Business Benefits:

  • Zero manual intervention saves ton of time
  • Completely real time and automated using TIBCO as middleware
  • Capable of handling very large enterprise orders with above 1000 lines

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