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Case Studies

Openmind Technologies Inc, specializes in providing high quality software development solutions and services to various Fortune 1000 customers worldwide. Openmind’ Engineers have successfully helped its customers build applications on variety of platforms and  technologies including but not limited to Microsoft, Sun, SAP, Tibco, Business Objects, Oracle on applications like ERP, EAI, Web development, Webservices, Data ware house, Business Intelligence and Embedded systems. Openmind’s Team specializes in delivering high quality customer centric solutions end to end full life cycle development. Openmind’s team has quite diverse domain functional knowledge and a deep understanding of business processes in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Online Trading- Ecommerce, Telecom, Supply chain and Healthcare. 

Openmind would like to share few of our successful full life cycle implementations:

  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • EAI
  • Telecom
  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Educational
  • Automotive

For a leading Online Stock Brokerage Firm, Openmind Technologies was involved in the site re-building of their  International Domain. This site has facilities for Online Buying /Selling of Shares using Debit card, GIRO or Standing orders to the bank. It also has various facilities like ordering multiple shares of same/different denominations/vendors.  The Mutual Funds application was developed for using Java 2.0, Servlets, JSP, XML and JavaScript with Oracle as backend. Web Logic Server 5.1 was used as the Application Server. Openmind’s client a leading Investment Banking company wanted to help the customers to make the right choice while investing in the various mutual funds. Mutual Funds Secure site helps the customers to view and compare the performances of funds based on various criteria, search and sort funds on various criteria, find out the value of their investment, search for discounted funds and even buy the funds of their choice. The customers can also get the finer performance details of the funds of his choice

For a leading Bank in Asia pacific region Openmind developed a worldwide Credit and Collections an integrated web based Credit Servicing Platform to process issues regarding charges and collections of credit card holders of Bank. The system was designed to perform variety of process to generate decisions and actions on the resolution of a case on a customer account.  The system helped our customer tol increase operational efficiency by reducing the multiplicity of user interfaces required to resolve a case, increase net revenue and gross profits by supporting expanded marketing campaigns and increase customer satisfaction by providing improved customer service. It also helped by communicating with legacy mainframe system to get the data using MQ Series. Also it is leveraged with external applications using XML (Web Services).  Openmind designed the physical model on a Three-Tier Architecture base on IBM WebSphere Application Server and J2EE Framework using MVC architecture as the basis of its Logical Architecture.  Openmind’s Engineers used the Dispatcher Model for the implementation of JSPs. Openmind’s proposed architecture displayed  a loosely coupled pseudo-synchronous connection between the application and Mainframe system.  The system was implemented through the MQSI hub as the bridge for transportation using EJB technology to implement application business logic (Stateless Session Beans).  XML was used as the language of communication when interfacing with external systems of the bank

Openmind’s team developed a solution called Udibanker a web application to create and maintain accounts for corporate customers of  a majorbank and creating/assigning users to access Corporate account details. The solution was designed to  facilitate authorized corporate users to view Electronic Statement (such as Time Deposits & Loans, Foreign Exchange, Account Statement etc.,) and Electronic documents. Openmind developed the system on Sun platforms using Java, JSP, J2EE, MVC, Eclipse, Websphere Application Server,  Weblogic Application Server, Vignette Application Portal, Vignette Content Management System,Oracle, Windows 2000, Unix, Win SCP, PVCS

Openmind Technologies has helped the project Production Management System for Manufacturing Unit.  For one of the biggest TV Manufacturing Company of Picture tubes in the world supplying it to different locations. Our client had Manufacturing units like Picture Tube unit, Aging unit, Assembly unit and finished goods warehouse. The company has a corporate monitoring unit for all the locations. Openmind’ Engineers  used MQ Series and designed different stubs  for Picture Tube Unit, Aging Unit, Assembly Unit, Finished Goods Warehouse and Corporate Head quarters and Many Remote Queues and Local Queues. The Publish/Subscribe Model of messaging type was used. Publish/subscribe function ensured people and applications received information on their chosen subjects. Openmind took advantage of the robust messaging features of MQ Series, so delivery was assured, and transactional integrity was maintained when published information updated corporate databases. The information on the numbers manufactured at each of the units was communicated to the required units and the corporate head quarters to monitor the production and supply. Successfully implementing this project helped our customer in coordinating the different units to maintain or increase productivity with fewer resources.

Supply Chain:
Openmind helped a major Fortune 1000 company in hosting electronic product catalogue and data synchronization service, which is the foundation of any Supply Chain Management initiative that aims to significantly improve data flow from manufacturer to supplier to distributor to retailers, and ultimately to consumers. Openmind’s engineers  designed and developed catalogue of Medicines which involved populating the catalogue with product data, incorporating an application framework to facilitate an independent quality assurance process. Implementing this system helped our client a major healthcare provider to ensure that data is available to organizations involved in electronic health systems

This project was developed by Openmind Technologies using TIB/Rendezvous software. The OMS consists of three major modules namely Sales Order Management System (SOMS), Warehouse & Shipping.  The communication between the components was accomplished using TIB/Rendezvous. TIB/Rv is a messaging MiddleWare used for distributed applications within the network, across networks & platforms. The system was designed using subject based addressing. Openmind’s Engineers used publish/subscribe module for MiddleWare messaging and integrated the same with customer’s current operating systems and applications.

Openmind Technologies’s client one of the largest telecom service providers, Openmind developed an application called Service Center and Connect Store which is used for Friendship Centers, Postpaid Call Center, and Postpaid Help Desk (PPHD). Our Engineers designed a single web interface talking to core telecom systems for data retrieval and data updating. Postpaid Call center executives, Service Center(Friendship Center) supervisor use this application to resolve the postpaid customer’s queries of our major Telecom client, The system was designed in a manner which facilitates executives to escalate their Queries to Postpaid help Desk. Openmind’s Engineer’s designed and developed the application using  Java page flow , port lets and Portal using Web logic Workshop 8.1 using J2EE Design patterns, Web services, Struts.  

Openmind’s Team was involved in security assessment of IT infrastructure and management systems of a major client helping them to implement an effective Information security management system.

  • Openmind’s Team successfully accomplished the following tasks
  • Business process analysis
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Review of existing security polices and procedures
  • Network and systems security audit
  • Information security planning
  • Drafting security polices and procedures
  • Drafting incident management procedure
  • BCP / DRP planning

Openmind  Technologies successfully developed and implemented a Shift Schedule System for one of the major hospitals.The project was designed to generate Hospital shift schedule details of Nurses automatically by taking care all the business conditions applicable to the hospital and providing an option of entering the preferred nurse details. The application was designed to generate automatic excel reports which resemble the existing format (i.e. Prepared manually by the Head Nurse) and print them from the individual machines where the application is installed. Openmind developed the system on Microsoft platforms using Visual Studio.Net 2003, Enterprise Architect, C#, XML, SQL Server.

Openmind Technologies Inc developed a Basic Information System - Sales Results module on Microsoft platforms using .NET technology. For a major manufacturing and Retail client which self produces the products and distributes/sells to the wholesale dealers. Wholesale dealers store these goods in their warehouses and depending on the demand sells the goods to the retailers. The retailers also could store the goods in their warehouses and depending on the need of the customers they sell the product. The sales system was designed to generate a consolidated data of the actual shipments distributed by the wholesaler to the retailer. One of the key processes involved in subsystem is the Code Conversion Process. Different Web Forms were developed for the users to update the mapping. Batches [PL-SQL] were also developed to trigger the automatic conversion process during the Night. Consolidated reports about the conversion could be generated using the Web forms as well as the Batches. A team of fourteen Openmind members were involved in the design / development of the application on Microsoft platforms using ASP.NET, C#, Oracle 9i, Enterprise Architect.

Web Development:
Openmind developed a web portal for a major Hosting company. The system was designed to provide end users with all the information’s regarding the hosting services provided by the company. Openmind designed an ecommerce enabled portal which enabled the users to pay online for their server spacing and domain registrations. Openmind incorporated features like domain/whois this option which enables the users to check whether the domain preferred by him is available or not, if available it allows him to register for it online else it will be giving the information of the user of domain with details like expiry date, user name, address etc. The portal offers number of plans for hosting where users can click on a particular hosting plan to register online. The portal was developed on JDK 1.3, JSP 1.2, Servlets 2.2, Log4J, Java Mail, HTML, JDBC, JavaScript, CSS, XML, and JRun Application server 4.0, My SQL, Oracle, Windows XP, IE 5.0, Netscape 6.0+ and Microsoft Front Page.

Openmind Developed a B2C E-Commerce Storefront including development of stores for different vendors, Payment Transaction System, Order Management System, and Accounts Management System. Payment Transaction System was designed to implement security for payment Transaction for Credit Card and PKN using Digital Signature Algorithm DSA.  The system was designed in a manner to offer different modes of payment such as cheque, draft, and connectivity through other banks such as ICICI.  An auto responder was provided to send acknowledgement thru email on acceptance of order.  Order Management System was designed and developed for Store administrator to manage the orders recorded on the website.  GUI was designed by Openmind to manage new orders, pending orders, shipped order and the orders to be reviewed.  Also a mailing system was designed to automatically send mails to the users informing their order status. Administrative features were designed to enable web administrators to monitory the site activities and analyze the sales growth.

Openminds Client a major educational insititute was actively embarking on an Internet strategy to enable anytime, anywhere access and self-service administration for its various programmes. Openmind designed the OnED system in a manner to lessen the hassles in administering the course registration exercise, and resources are freed up to focus on greater value-added activities.  The OnED system was to beused by the members of EIT (Education and IT Departments) of IOM (Institute of Management), Members interacted with this system to maintain Programmers, Course details, Course Offerings, applications, payments, accounts, reports etc. Project was successfully implemented by Openmind on platform using Java, JSP, J2EE, MVC, Struts Eclipse, Oracle, SQL Server, TOAD, Windows 2000, Linux, Solaris, and ANT

Openmind developed a Sales Production Architecture for Consolidation a system designed to automate the Sales Orders and Production scheduling processes. The task was to consolidate all the various regional process into one single place through the web interface. Current system used by the client was on Excel files sent by dealers and used an ABP system to generate production schedule from these Excel files. There are 4 plants of our client. Openmind defined and designed the process creating a new layer between the Excel Files and the ABP and the process of order validation is carried out before it is sent to ABP so that the process time of ABP is reduced. In the new process designed by Openmind the Order file is picked up by Vitria and sent to oracle for validation. Oracle does a spec check and stores the data in its database. The ASP GUI designed by Openmind Engineers allows user to view those orders and perform many actions like Adding, Modifying, Deleting, Copying, Prorating, Generating Blanket orders, managing Master records for Models and Attributes etc. Vitria then initiates a call to oracle to push data into ABP. During this whole process logging and reporting is taken care of in form of log tables and emails. Openmind successfully implemented the same at a major automobile manaufacturing client.

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