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IT Service - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has reached a new level of importance for decision makers. Capturing data—from customers, partners, employees and operations—has always been a part of running a business, but using this information proactively has become essential. Business Intelligence (BI) can be the difference between reacting to problems and anticipating opportunities, the difference between educated guesses and proactive decisions based on firm facts. Simply storing vast amounts of data does not ensure effective BI. To be useful, BI must turn dynamic, detailed data into information, and make it available in real-time, at the point of a decision. It must be accessible on-demand—when and where it’s needed.

Organizations worldwide have realized that to stay ahead in an extremely competitive marketplace, it is imperative to take effective and quick decision. In most organizations, there is a plethora of redundant and inconsistent data, captured from a variety of transaction systems. Also emerging business challenges add to the complexity of selecting, implementing and maintaining solutions.

Our Business Intelligence Practice uses data warehousing technologies to develop complete business intelligence infrastructures, applications and processes to enhance the competitiveness of our clients. The Business Intelligence Practice combines information and technology to allow our clients to make better business decisions. We are dedicated to assisting clients "Manage the Lifecycle of Data," by turning data into information and converting that information into knowledge. This is achieved through business and technical consulting in Data Warehousing, Data Improvement and Business Intelligence

Our Business intelligence and data warehousing solutions have helped our clients manage, change and transform their businesses through focused, high-quality, cost-effective business information solutions. OpenMind offers a wide range of Business Intelligence solutions and services, which include:

Consulting Services

  • Assessment of Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Tools Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Performance Tuning

Data Warehousing Services

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Cleansing & ETL
  • Meta Data Management
  • DW Migration / Convergence

Reporting and Analysis Services

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Management Scorecards/ BI Portals
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Reporting
  • Data Mining
  • Report Migration / Upgrades
  • BI reporting on ERP Packages (PS EPM, SAP, etc.)

In order to carry out these solutions in a timely and efficient manner, OpenMind uses its proven data warehousing methodology and processes. At OpenMind we have large amount of expertise diverse tools and technology areas covering Data Warehousing, OLAP, Analytics and Performance Management Dashboards.

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